Aespa Fan Goes Viral For The Way He Leaves The Fandom After Karina’s Dating News


On February 27, Dispatch dropped a bombshell by revealing the relationship between aespa‘s Karina and actor Lee Jae Wook.

Lee Jae Wook (left) and aespa’s Karina (right) | Dispatch

The news sparked various reactions from different people — fans, netizens, and even former idols.

Instagram Story of former OH MY GIRL’s JinE | @c_nye.zini/Instagram

karina karina karina nanrina (there’s an uproar) ㅋㅋ

– Former OH MY GIRL’s JinE

Among the reactions, one fan’s post in particular captured the eyes of Threads users.


Post by @ych_437
View on Threads


In the screenshot being circulated, the fan wrote, “I’ve spent $400,000 NTD (approximately $12,700 USD) stanning asepa. I’ve never been to an offline fansign. I’m not planning on buying merchandise anymore. I don’t want to keep anything.

Screenshot of the original post by the aespa fan | @ych_437/Threads

The fan also noted he was selling everything for $265,000 NTD (approximately $8,400 USD). The package includes 6 autographs, 2 signed photocards, 1 signed Polaroid, and more.

Photos of the fan’s aespa merchandise | @ych_437/Threads

Reactions came pouring in after the post was screenshotted and reuploaded to Threads. One netizen noted that they knew of the fan who wrote the original post.

He was very hardcore. I joined his group order for Karina stickers before. He really loved Karina so much, like the kind of fan that just goes and buys 400 albums for a fansign.

– Netizen

Other netizens also reacted to the situation.

It seems like his heart has been broken into bits and pieces.“ “I completely understand why he’s had an absolute breakdown.“ “He can turn into an anti and post malicious things now.“ “I can feel his helplessness.”  He’s heartbroken. 

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