Actress Song Ji Hyo Wins Lawsuit Against Her Former Agency


Earlier this year, actress Song Ji Hyo filed a lawsuit and parted ways with her former agency, UZUROCKS, less than a year after signing an exclusive contract.

In an exclusive reportDispatch revealed that Song Ji Hyo was owed ₩900 million KRW (about $671,000 USD). Moreover, the agency’s CEO had reportedly spent company money on his Porsche lease while his employees made barely over minimum wage and weren’t receiving their owed payments.

I will be fine, even if I don’t get that money right now. But the employees at the company have become credit delinquents, their credit cards have been declined, and their cell phone plans were cut off.

[Park Joo Nam’s] Porsche lease fee is ₩2.00 million KRW (about $1,490 USD) per month, which is a luxury, but the employees’ salary is also about ₩2.00 million KRW (about $1,490 USD) per month, and that is their livelihood.

— Song Ji Hyo

Now, Song Ji Hyo has won the first trial for the lawsuit. The South Korean court sided with Song Ji Hyo, taking into consideration the fact that her former management did not respond to the court orders for the trial.

The court has ruled that UZUROCKS owes Song Ji Hyo the late payment of ₩984 million KRW (about $759,000 USD), as well as accrued interest. The court also ruled that a provisional execution may be carried out, and that UZUROCKS shall pay the trial fees.

Justice is served!

 They owe her a jaw-dropping amount of money. 

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