Actress Shin Hye Sun Addresses Rumors Sparked By Bar Employee


Shin Hye Sun addressed rumors that were started by a bar employee who claimed the actress drank a large amount of alcohol.

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On October 19, Shin Hye Sun spoke with media members for the release of her upcoming movie, Brave Citizen.

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On this day, the actress was asked if it was true that she and movie star  Cho Jin Woong were celebrities that bar employees would evade due to how much they drank. Reports state that previously, a rumor went viral stating that the actress was a heavy drinker.

Cho Jin Woong | Chosun Ilbo

To this, the actress denied the allegations and stated that there must be a misunderstanding.

Even explaining this is funny. I’m not sure if I should address this, as there are people who are saying this in the comments, and I can’t turn them into liars. But I believe there might have been a slight misunderstanding.

— Shin Hye Sun

Shin Hye Sun then continued explaining herself and revealed why she felt the rumors were based on a misunderstanding.

I only go to this one bar. I’m a regular there, and I’ve only drank there for the past five years. The bar has rooms that others can’t see inside. I drink Highballs there. So, to address the rumors, I have never even drunk a bottle of beer alone.

The reason why I want to say that the rumors claiming I am a good drinker are misunderstandings is because I only drink during work-related outings. Because it’s then that I drink, when I do drink, I drink a lot. Because it isn’t often that I can (freely) drink with other people, on these outings, I drink a lot. Because there are times when I do drink a lot, I’m not sure if I am a heavy drinker or not. But I don’t like the smell of alcohol.

— Shin Hye Sun

Shin Hye Sun was then reminded of the time she revealed she and her friends drank 40 bottles of soju. To this, the actress explained that it wasn’t soju but Chungha, a type of alcohol that is sweeter and weaker than soju.

Chungha | Naver blog

Meanwhile, Shin Hye Sun’s upcoming movie, Brave Citizen, will premiere in Korea on October 25. The movie tells the story of a former boxing champion-turned-substitute teacher who fights, literally, against injustice. You can watch the trailer below.

 The actress claimed there was a misunderstanding. 

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