Actress Park Eun Bin’s K-Drama “Castaway Diva” Is In Trouble For Filming Irresponsibly


The production team behind the new K-Drama Castaway Diva is embroiled in controversy for their “nuisance filming” at a filming site.

Park Eun Bin (left) and Kim Hyo Jin (right) in “Castaway Diva” | tvN

Recently, the Jeju-based media Jeju Sound reported that tvN‘s Castaway Diva had filmed on a beach on Jeju Island without permission. The production team reportedly left behind piles of stones and did not clean them up.

A Jeju resident shared a photo of a heap of stones on Hwangooji Beach. They shared that many K-Dramas have been filmed in Jeju, but they had never seen a production crew not clean up after themselves.

I’ve seen dramas being filmed in Jeju before, but this is my first time seeing this irresponsible act of not cleaning up.

— Jeju resident

It was confirmed that the production team for Castaway Diva filmed on Hwangooji Beach. The media also raised suspicions about the drama’s filming, indicating that administrative cooperation and permits are essential for using shared sea areas for filming. However, it was confirmed that the drama was filmed without following these necessary processes, raising further concerns.

Park Eun Bin (left) and Kim Hyo Jin (right) | tvN

On November 13, the production team of Castaway Diva released an official statement apologizing and explaining what happened.

We want to sincerely apologize for causing discomfort to the citizens. Although we filmed after explaining to the residents and related authorities in advance, there were shortcomings in the process and folllow-up.

— Castaway Diva production team


Starring actors Park Eun Bin and Kim Hyo Jin, Castaway Diva is about an aspiring singer who reenters society after spending fifteen years stranded on a remote island.

 It was at a beach in Jeju. 

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