Actress Go Min Si Becomes A New Meme After Her Reaction To Winning “Best New Actress” Was Caught On Camera


Actress Go Min Si recently won “Best New Actress” at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards. She played the role of Go Ok Bun in the 2023 film, Smugglers. She won hearts as the lovable maknae of the smuggling ring.

She was up against big names for the award. BIBI, Ahn Eun Jin, Kim Si Eun, and Ahn Ji Hye were also up as nominees. Ultimately, Go Min Si won — even if she completely didn’t expect it. She was stunned, as her fellow actors helped her up.

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She continued clapping blankly as she looked around.

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She even tripped slightly as she prepared to take the stage.

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Everyone around her looked very happy for the star. The short clip quickly gained over 1.6 million views on Twitter. She went viral for her down-to-earth and hilarious reaction to winning the huge award.

#GoMinSi won the Best New Actress at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards

pls her reaction 🤍

— daisy han (@kdramadaisy) November 24, 2023

Fans compared her to other iconic moments, such as Ji Hyun Woo winning an award.

하 ㅠㅜ 이거랑 다를게 뭐야ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠ

— 숙이🤍 (@suk1li) November 24, 2023

She was definitely the cutest award winner that night.

Go Minsi is so funny and adorable. Like why is she clapping with them for a sec when she’s supposed to go up on stage. Smugglers team was so chaotic last night.

— • A • (@aemsoo) November 25, 2023

She truly deserved the award!

She’s is so lagging like that congratulations for the win in smugglers minsi!

— 리리 ♡𖧷 (@blueskypallette) November 24, 2023

Go Min Si is a rising actress in South Korea. She has filmed many hits such as Love Alarm, Youth Of May, and Sweet Home.

 She had the most hilarious reaction. 

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