Actor’s Alleged Ex-Lover Sparks Speculation Over STDs


An alleged ex-lover of an actor addressed speculation about contracting an STD (sexually transmitted disease).

Recently, a netizen went viral after her post exposed an actor for dumping her over text, ending their 6-year relationship.

Actor’s Alleged Ex-Lover Updates Viral Post With More Damning Accusations Amid “Ghosting” Controversy

After the post went viral, the netizen updated her post, answering several questions from other netizens. According to the netizen, she is considering uploading photos, assumably as evidence.

I will upload the photos after I deliberate further.

— Netizen

The netizen then addressed speculation that she had contracted an STD from the actor.

I was vague about my disease because I didn’t want to reveal what it was, and many of you speculated that it was an STD. I am telling you now that it has nothing to do with STDs. I have, however, gone to a gynecologist several times because of him, but I currently do not have any STDs.

— Netizen

The actor’s alleged ex-lover then emphasized that her mental health issues were because of him.

I am, however, positive that I am suffering from depression and insomnia because of him. He knows how much I used to sleep, but now I can no longer sleep without taking medicine. I don’t blame him, however, because this might have occurred due to my weak heart.

— Netizen

Meanwhile, netizens are speculating over the identity of the actor. Read more in the link below.

Netizens Speculate The Identity Of Veteran Actor Who Allegedly Ghosted Girlfriend



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