Actor Song Kang Shockingly Spotted At A “Part-Time Job” At A Cafe


Actor Song Kang surprised both fans and the general public when a post surfaced online, claiming that he had been sighted at a part-time job! Accompanying the post were photos of him working in a chocolatier shop and cafe.

He was even wearing the full uniform!

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While he was indeed there as a part-timer, it was part of a special event where he would man the store for just a day!

As the brand’s newest ambassador, Song Kang headed down to the Gangnam branch of Godiva to put his chocolatier skills and face to work.

He made sure to give out fanservice to the waiting fans.

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He showed up on site in a suit, waving to the gathered crowd.

240206 고디바 #송강 #SONGKANG

— 강미 (@luvpuppykang) February 6, 2024

He later changed into the uniform to play the part.

240206 고디바
미친 계정주 사망 #송강 #SONGKANG

— 강미 (@luvpuppykang) February 6, 2024

He served up chocolate drinks with a handsome smile.

240206 고디바
얼굴 열일 하는 강아지점장님 때문에 고디바가 안보여요.. #송강 #SONGKANG

— 강미 (@luvpuppykang) February 6, 2024

Song Kang made sure to finish his shift with one of their famed ice-creams in hand!

Any cafe with him as a worker would definitely be raking in the money!

 Where is that cafe? 

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