Actor Song Joong Ki Fails Many Auditions Overseas — But He’s Not Giving Up Just Yet


Actor Song Joong Ki recently confessed that he had failed multiple overseas auditions. However, he plans on continuing to audition until he makes it.

Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

On a broadcast of JTBC‘s Newsroom which aired on October 15, Song Joong Ki, who is currently the lead actor in the movie Hopeless, appeared as a guest.

When asked if he has any special criteria for choosing projects, Song Joong Ki shared that he tries to do new things and if he doesn’t like the show he’s in, it shows.

Personally, I try not to do what I’ve done before. I have this strange obsession. If I don’t enjoy it myself, it shows. I’m not trying to be humble; if I can’t enjoy it because I don’t have the abilities to do it, then my full potential doesn’t come out.

— Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki explains his criteria for choosing productions. | JTBC

In order to not get stuck in the same roles, Song Joong Ki reportedly ventured out to various countries and auditioned. He shared that

After finishing the schedules for Hopeless‘s release, I will go overseas to attend several auditions. I hope I make it this time. So far, I’ve always failed. My desire to act in different cultural contexts and industries is growing every day.

— Song Joong Ki


When asked about his goals as an actor, Song Joong Ki used a mountain as a metaphor to describe his desire to expand his horizons.

I want to broaden my horizons. Thankfully, I’ve climbed up the moutain, but I want to become an even broader mountain. That’s why I’m taking on various challenges. If you continue to support me, I will try my best to become an actor who you can look forward to.

— Song Joong Ki


Hopeless is a noir thriller film about a young man named Yeon Gyu (played by Hong Xa Bin) who wants to escape hellish reality. who meets Chi Geon (played by Song Joong Ki), a mid-level boss of a criminal organization. Together, they face a precarious world.

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 It’s all part of his goal as an actor. 

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