Actor Lee Seo Jin’s Agency Officially Addresses Allegations Of Him Being “Actor Mr. L” Who Ghosted On An Ex Without Deleting Nudes


It was previously reported that a furious ex-girlfriend had exposed her actor ex on an online community. According to her, her ex- boyfriend had allegedly ghosted her after four years of dating. During the course of their relationship, he had often requested for nudes. He is allegedly still in possession of the nudes.

Netizens were quick to speculate on the identity of the actor. They reasoned that the actor could allegedly be Lee Seo Jin.

Netizens Speculate The Identity Of Veteran Actor Who Allegedly Ghosted Girlfriend

Almost a week after the controversy, his agency has finally issued an official statement.

Hello. This is Antenna. As the rumors that have been going around recently on online communities are untrue, the company has tried to control the external situation to our best abilities.

But as our company actor’s real name has become mentioned in the media, the malicious slander and falsehoods have continued. As such, we cannot stay silent any longer in the face of the gravity of the situation, and we plan on taking strong action without compromise, against those who create malicious rumors and attack our actor’s character and name with slander.

We thank the fans who have always been sending him love and support, and we will work hard for the rights of our company’s actor.

— Antenna

You can read more about the initial allegations below.

The Full Accusations Against A Veteran Actor For Allegedly Ghosting His Girlfriend After Requesting Nudes

 They denied the allegations. 

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