Actor Lee Dong Wook Goes Viral For His “Nonchalant” Fan Service


Actor Lee Dong Wook is going viral for his fan service.

Lee Dong Wook | @leedongwook_official/Instagram

At a recent event for his new film Single in Seoul, Lee Dong Wook greeted his fans. As he passed by each one, he received their gifts.

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One fan had brought a Polaroid camera, and he took it for a moment and instantly snapped a selfie. He gave no time for hesitation or even setting an angle.

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The clip went viral with over 2.7M views on TikTok and 4.4M views on X (formerly Twitter) at the time of writing.


he’s like here’s ur pic damn #fyp #kpopfyp #kpop #leedongwook #kpopfanservice #fansign #kdrama

♬ som original – manoel

しっっっぬ w w w w w w w w w w w w w

— ㅎㅌㅁ (@hetoomie) December 6, 2023

Netizens laughed at the moment. Lee Dong Wook appeared cool and nonchalant even while doing fan service.

Some joked that he must be thinking he is “getting too old for this.” He is 42 years old now.

Yet, many netizens also compared him to Irish movie star Cillian Murphy. They suggested Lee Dong Wook is the Korean equivalent.

Either way, Lee Dong Wook might have seemed nonchalant about the selfie, but it actually turned out so cute (as expected). He has no bad angles.

wait the lil polaroid he took ate yall LMFAOOOOOOOO

— shay riki birth (@ilikeheeseungs) December 8, 2023

And he took time for his many fans, so no one was skipped!

 He reminds netizens of Cillian Murphy. 

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