Actor Lee Do Hyun Shocks Netizens With His “Sexy AF” Transformation In New Photos


Actor Lee Do Hyun has always been known for his “boy next door” handsome visuals.

Actor Lee Do Hyun | @ldh_sky/Instagram

In most of his roles, he has showcased charming visuals that are extremely handsome and often give off the vibes of a “husband.”

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In 2022, Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun were spotted filming for the project now known as Exhuma.

Aside from the visual chemistry the two were serving, something else became netizens’ topic of conversation, and it was his full-sleeve tattoos! The different characters were written in black ink and scattered across both arms.

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After the photos almost two years ago, new pictures from the project have finally been released. In the photos, the actor is sporting his tattoos which had fans intrigued by what they could expect from the distinctively different photos.

In the movie, Lee Do Hyun plays a shaman, but he definitely doesn’t have the aura of one.

On January 26, new photos were shared of both Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun. Like the previous photos, the actor’s fake tattoos were on show, but this time, netizens went into even more of a meltdown as he had long hair tied into a man bun.

When the photos were shared, not only could netizens not get enough of the chemistry between the two stars, but Lee Do Hyun’s badass AF makeup made him look even more handsome.


— ś (@ggoneyed) January 26, 2024

Lee Dohyun as Bong Gil is literally masters in cuntology, double majored in shamanism studies and hottism analysis, phd in daddyology from the university of servington 🧎‍

— 리리 ♡𖧷 (@blueskypallette) January 26, 2024

looking this good should be illegal WHAT THE HELL LEE DOHYUN

— nyx (@withloveldh) January 26, 2024

GOOD MORNINGG Lee Dohyun new stillcuts for EXHUMA just dropped!!!#LeeDoHyun #EXHUMA

— 리리 ♡𖧷 (@blueskypallette) January 24, 2024

Pretty much everyone is down for him… lee dohyun with his tattoos and manbun truly created headline here and there….

— 리리 ♡𖧷 (@blueskypallette) January 25, 2024


— 리리 ♡𖧷 (@blueskypallette) January 26, 2024

Although Lee Do Hyun is currently serving in the military, there are many projects to anticipate before he comes back in 2025.

You can read more about glimpses of the look from 2022 below.

Lee Do Hyun And Kim Go Eun Snap Cute Photo Together, But His Full Sleeve Tattoos Steal The Show

 It’s worlds away from his “husband” visuals. 

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