Actor Im Si Wan Has A Special Relationship With “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer


Actor Im Si Wan (also known as Yim Si Wan) recently revealed an unexpected yet unique connection he has with a famous Street Woman Fighter dancer and choreographer.

Actor Im Si Wan | @yim_siwang/Instagram

On November 20, there was a press conference for the upcoming Coupang Play original series Boyhood. Director Lee Myung Woo and actors Im So Wan, Lee Sun Bin, Lee Si Woo, and former IZ*ONE member Kang Hyewon attended the event, sharing various stories.

Kang Hyewon, Im Si Wan, Lee Si Woo, and Lee Sun Bin (left to right) | @yim_siwang/Instagram

During the press conference, Im Si Wan gained attention for his passion and dedication in preparing for his character. It was revealed that he even learned dances that were popular in that era for his role.

His dance teacher was Hyojin Choi, a charismatic, energetic, and hilarious dancer and choreographer from the first season of Street Woman Fighter.

Hyojin Choi | @hyojin__choi__/Instagram

However, Hyojin Choi didn’t become his dance teacher just for this role—their dance class started before that. Im Si Wan shared how he crossed paths with Hyojin Choi and how it led to him getting dance lessons from her.

I got to know Hyojin Choi at a fan meeting last year. After that, I personally wanted to learn to dance. Whenever I had free time, I was working on learning the basics of dance.

— Im Si Wan


Although he started learning dance as a personal interest, it just so happened that his role in Boyhood required him to dance. Therefore, Im Si Wan took this chance and asked Hyojin Choi to teach him how to dance for his role in the K-Drama.

Coincidentally, my character in this production has a scene where he dances. Hyojin Choi is a very busy person, and she’s not someone who teaches dances that goes into dramas. She’s an incredible person. Although I asked her for too much of a favor, she gladly agreed to teach me.

— Im Si Wan

| @hyojin__choi__/Instagram

He was thankful that Hyojin Choi agreed to teach him even though she didn’t usually teach dance for scenes in K-Dramas. However, he shared that it was not easy learning dance from a “dance master.”

It wasn’t all fun and games learning from a master. I want to say the dance I learned while enduring her repeatedly saying, ‘Again! Again! Again!’ was Park Nam Jung’s song ‘Missing You.’

— Im Si Wan

“Boyhood” poster | Coupang Play

Boyhood is a K-Drama set in 1989 about a loser (played by Im Si Wan) with a lifelong goal of fitting in who experiences a turning point in his life overnight. It is set to be released on November 24, with new episodes airing every Friday at 8 p.m. KST on Coupang Play.

Check out the trailer for Boyhood.

 Was it a coincidence or fate? 

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