“Acting As Doona Healed Me” — Suzy Gets Real About How Similar “Doona!” Was To Her Own Life


Suzy’s past as an idol was what made her perfect for the role of Lee Doona in Doona!. The characters hold many similarities. Doona was the most popular member of her girl group before she left the group due to emotional instability. She also experienced some rife with the other members. Later she stepped out on her own as a soloist. Suzy on the other hand, also exceeded the other members of Miss A by far in terms of popularity. Although the relationship between the members remains masked for the most part, the group disbanded naturally and Suzy emerged as a soloist and actress.

Suzy as Doona. | Netflix

As a young star who grew up in front of the cameras, she must’ve experienced her fair share of growing pain and struggles. This is why Doona! is so precious to her. Suzy opened up about how much she could relate to her character during an interview with TV Report.

I’m reminded of the line, “I’m the one who hurts myself. I won’t stand by and let it happen.” This was a moment where you could feel Doona’s growth. Recently, I’m getting more reassured in myself, and I feel like I can just do as I’ve been doing all along. That is why I focus on myself at every moment. In the past, I thought that paying attention to external people was a way of being considerate. But that’s not it. I realized that focusing on what’s mine, doing my part, is the biggest way I can be considerate of others. My attitude towards work is the same as it was in the beginning. I just silently but steadily work on what’s given to me.

— Suzy

Suzy with a support cart on set.

She also gave heartfelt advice to Doona.

Things might be hard and tiring now, but all these moments will gather and make you shine even brighter. That’s what I want to tell Doona. Not everything works out as you want it to, so I hope you hang in there and bear it. This is also what I want to tell the Suzy of the past. There were many moments during acting where my heart hurt. The more I thought of Doona, the more it was so. It’s because I have much affection for her. I was able to look back on my past through the drama. I had feelings in the past which I wasn’t able to care for. Through the drama process, I was able to heal these feelings. I grew from Doona!.

— Suzy

This is why Suzy just had to play Doona. The synchronization between the two was just perfect!

 Suzy was one of the most successful idols of her generation. 

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