Aamir Khan Was The Clear Winner In Team Bride Vs Team Groom Obstacle Course

Let’s just admit it – we still can’t get over Aamir Khan‘s daughter Ira Khan and celebrity fitness coach Nupur Shikhare’s wedding ceremony. Ira has been sharing more images from the wedding festivities, and we are completely hooked. On Monday, the diva posted a set of pictures from the obstacle course event on her Instagram Stories. Wondering what it’s all about? Well, there was a whole setup that included jumping ropes and balancing acts. In one particular picture, a guest from “Team Groom” can be seen navigating a path high up in the air using ropes attached to wooden hangings. In the caption, Ira wrote, “We did an obstacle course. Team Bride v/s Team Groom. Zayn Marie (Ira’s cousin) and Sid Menon kicked a**. We ran out of time. As of now, Team Groom is in the lead. But as I said…TO BE CONTINUED.”

In the next frame, Aamir Khan can be spotted climbing a rope. While some relatives stood around him, we also caught a glimpse of Aamir’s ex-wife and Ira Khan’s mother, Reena Dutta, sitting in the background. The caption attached to the picture read, “Then we all tried…”

After that, Ira Khan‘s friend, actor Siddharth Menon, was seen masterfully climbing his way up the rope. Other people, including Aamir Khan in the background, were clearly amazed by this display of strength. The caption read, “Count the awe.”

Then, there was a picture of the groom himself in a green T-shirt and a black cap. In his casually cool attire, Nupur was seemingly crossing a path while hanging down using ropes. A number of colourful tyres are also visible in the background.

In the final picture, Ira Khan’s cousin, actress Zayn Marie, is seen hopping from one wooden platform to another. Her red “Team Bride” t-shirt and million-dollar smile were too good to go unnoticed.

Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare registered their wedding in an intimate ceremony on January 3 in Mumbai. After that, the couple hosted a grand celebration in Rajasthan and a wedding reception in Mumbai.

 Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare registered their wedding in an intimate ceremony on January 3     

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