A Teenage Serial Arsonist Is Caught Starting Fires To “Relieve Stress”


A teenager recently caused a series of arson incidents, setting fire to garbage piles and fleeing the scene.

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According to MBC News on November 1, a teenager was accused of setting fire to garbage piles in the Sejong City area four times from August to early September and fleeing the scenes. Fortunately, the fires were quickly extinguished by the fire department, preventing significant damage.

| MBC News

However, it was revealed during the investigation process that the teenager was said to have started the fire, calmly escaped on a bicycle, and even made a call to 119 to report the incident. Following similar incidents with a few days’ intervals, the fire authorities requested a police investigation into the arsonist.

MBC News

The Sejong North Police Station announced that they had arrested the teenager on charges of general property arson and were conducting an investigation. Once the police conclude the investigation, they plan to transfer him, who is a minor, to juvenile authorities.

During police questioning, the teenager reportedly stated that he committed arson to relieve stress.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only. | Unsplash

Incidents similar to this have been raising concerns about teenagers playing with fire. On the same day of this incident, a group of high school students set fire to various items in a park while “playing with fire out of boredom.” They were caught by the police following a citizen’s report.

 He escaped calmly on a bicycle. 

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