A Photo Of ITZY’s Ryujin At A Recent Event Worries Netizens


A photo of ITZY‘s Ryujin from a fansign event has sparked concerns.

ITZY’s Ryujin | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

Since debuting, ITZY has always been hard-working. ITZY have been extremely busy recently promoting their new album, whether it’s performances, fan signings, or many other activities.

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20240121 Withmuu Fansign#류진  #Ryujin #있지  #ITZY pic.twitter.com/bWAsPk8qLk

— RyuRyumo (@RyuRyumo_0417) January 21, 2024

Recently, a photo of ITZY’s Ryujin has sparked some concerns.

In photos shared from a recent fansign event, netizens noticed a large lump behind Ryujin’s ear. While it didn’t seem to be bothering the idol, it was very noticeable and was identified as a keloid, which is an area of tissue formed at the site of a scar. For most people, they are most common on ears because of piercings.

| @yeddeong_lovers/TikTok | @yeddeong_lovers/TikTok

Yet, while netizens made it clear that keloids are not dangerous and can generally be painless for people, especially if they are used to having them due to piercings…

It didn’t stop netizens from worrying. Along with being uncomfortable and maybe being caused by infection, fans shared that it can easily be removed, and if it stays, there is a risk of it getting bigger.

With such long and hard schedules, it isn’t surprising that even something that seems minor has worried netizens. ITZY always works so hard. For many fans, they want to know that the members are taking care of themselves.

 Fans have tried to reassure others that it is common. 

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