A New Camera Angle Of BTS Jungkook’s Arrival At Incheon Airport Sparks More Concerns For Idols’ Safety


While BTS Jungkook‘s airport arrivals are always a cause of concern due to safety, a new video with a different angle shows the extent of the issues idols face.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97.Instagram

On November 11, Jungkook returned to Incheon Airport following his schedule in America.

As much as fans love seeing photos of idols at the airport, Jungkook’s recent arrival once again raised concerns for safety. Once Jungkook had walked past the fans, they immediately started rushing and mobbing the idol.

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While the media outlet videos showcased the issues badly enough, a new video from a different angle showed even more danger and safety concerns.

The video showed a top view of Jungkook’s arrival in Korea. As expected, while it all seemed calm as Jungkook came out of the doors…

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As soon as he walked past the fans and they started to push to follow him, it became extremely dangerous.

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When the tweet with the new video was shared…

Jungkook’s most recent airport arrival in South Korea.

This is so crazy from this angle! Please don’t run after him, it’s extremely dangerous!!!!#JUNGKOOK pic.twitter.com/f3iGA009R1

— Jungkook Global Website ♡𝓯𝓪𝓷♡ (@JKGlobalWebsite) November 13, 2023

Netizens couldn’t hide their shock at how unsafe the conditions were. In particular, while the fans waiting at the airport were the main focus of criticism, others shared anger at the airport and K-Pop companies for not trying to combat it. Simple measures such as private exits or stopping fans from going outside the barriers could help.

this is definitely done to idols on purpose. there’s no reason why they can’t tighten the security at the airport or make sure he uses a private exit. it’s all done to give access to media to photograph him. this airport culture needs to stop in kpop. https://t.co/PZXW15Jr13

— zoey ⁷ᴰ (@MAINP0PB0Y) November 13, 2023

Watch this video, watch yourself chasing him like a pack stalking his prey.
You are disgusting and shameless. https://t.co/TVs2paoeY5

— MariFenes 태꾹 𐤀 (@MariFenes) November 13, 2023

Anyone who chases like this should be given an instant formal ban from buying tickets in 2025 and beyond, to make it 0.0000000001 percent easier for the rest of us. It’s disgusting! https://t.co/RxdWqu4aVp

— Joanna (@mumzzilla) November 13, 2023

Wtf? Why isn’t it possible, that the crowd have to stand at their place?? This behavior will only change if something bad will (hopefully never) happen. The company has to take responsibility for this case. https://t.co/SdPhD7TFu3

— Gabbie_🤍𐤀 ɢᴏʟᴅᴇɴ ʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ & (@borahae0608) November 13, 2023

Every time idols arrive at the airport, netizens raise anger and demand change, yet it never seems to happen. With more videos being shared, it will continue to be a hot topic amongst netizens until something is sorted.

 “The airport culture in K-Pop needs to stop…” 

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