A Boy Group Left Lee Hyori Stunned By Their IRL Visuals


Taking a break from her quiet life on Jeju Island with her husband, Lee Hyori returned for the first time in six years to promote her new song “HOODIE E BANBAJI”. As she talked about her return to the music industry, she mentioned a boy group she’d recently met that surprised her with their real-life visuals.

Lee Hyori | @lee_hyolee/Instagram

In an extra scene from the singer’s interview with Elle Korea magazine, she mentioned attending a fashion show for the luxury brand Burberry. Among the celebrities there, Lee Hyori met SEVENTEEN.

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Even though she “didn’t know they were an idol group,” two things stuck out to Lee Hyori.

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She praised the members for being beautiful inside and out. She said, “They were very handsome and had great manners.

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Proving her words were true, Lee Hyori’s Instagram has a photo she took with Wonwoo at the event.

Lee Hyori and SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo. | @lee_hyolee/Instagram

See the veteran singer talk about the boy group with impressive visuals and manners.

 Their manners were just as impressive as their looks. 

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