98-Line Celebrate ASTRO Moonbin’s 27th Birthday Together


The famous “98-line” friendship group in K-Pop consists of former THE ARK‘s Suji, VIVIZ‘s Umji and SinB, former IMFACT‘s Ungjae, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, and ASTRO‘s Moonbin. The group gathered to celebrate Moonbin’ first birthday since his passing. They had a cake custom-made for the occasion, with a photo of the group on it. The icing on the plate reads, “Happy birthday, beloved Bin.”

The cake was detailed with everything that signifies Moonbin. It had sparkly stars all around, as well as dandelions. Fans relate dandelions to Moonbin, as his last post before he passed on was one about dandelions and spring. An adorable puppy-cat sits atop the cake! Moonbin’s nickname is “mungnyang,” which means puppy-cat. The friends all posted a photo of the cake on their stories.

Clockwise, Seungkwan, Suji, Umji and SinB’s stories.

Umji added a touching caption.

We’re now 27. Let’s grow older together, each and every year. Congratulations on your birthday, Bin. I miss you so much! And I hope your next birthday will be less cold.

— Umji

Umji referred to the cold snap that South Korea is currently under. The 98-line turns 27-years-old following the South Korean age system. Moonbin tragically passed away on April 19, 2023.

 Many happy returns to the forever star. 

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