4th Generation Boy Group Member Receives Attention For His Comment About Clubs And Hookup Bars


CRAVITY‘s Hyeongjun and Wonjin are both starring in a YouTube series called Although It’s Not That Center. In every episode, they visit a “center” to experience working there for a day. In episode 9, they visited a training center where idol wannabes learn how to dance.

They advised the students on how to become an idol, and shared their experiences with them. They also accepted various questions from the students.

In a special clip, Hyeongjun advised the students on how to act in their private lives. Even when the cameras are not on him, Hyeongjun takes care to conduct himself in the most upright manner, avoiding any potential scandals. Hyeongjun shared that he still follows this rule up to now.

Whenever he’s on the streets, and just happens to pass by a club or a hookup bar, he will make it a point to go around the block to avoid such places completely. While most people would simply walk past, thinking that it would be of no issue, Hyeongjun believes that it is up to his own actions to determine his future. With a single paparazzi shot, he could be misunderstood as someone who goes to such places.

Even now, if I’m just walking on the streets, and there’s a club or hookup bar in front of me, I go all the way around the block. Why? Because if someone recognizes me and snaps a picture, with that one picture, I could become someone who goes to a club. So if you don’t want to create trouble, you should [take care] of every [detail] like this. I hope you guys will know about such things.

— Hyeongjun

Many netizens have praised him for his detailed consideration.

Comments about Hyeongjun. | YouTube Hyeongjun-ah, you’re destined for success. This is a true pro idol. I thought he was just a cute baby, but who knew he had such a pro idol mindset? I’m so proud of him. It’s been double-digit years since I’ve been a fan of K-Pop, but he’s the first male idol I’ve seen with such an idol mindset. Hyeongjun once said that even if you do one out of ten things wrong, people will remember that one thing. So, I see that he always acts while keeping this in mind. So he’s been careful about things even when there’s no cameras. So, behind that bright and fun image, he has such worries… He’s so detailed. What really gets me is how he doesn’t make things obvious, but once in awhile, he’ll share what he thinks.

While going to clubs and hookup bars may not be illegal for idols who are not minors, it does not project a positive image of them to the public. Many fans consider Hyeongjun’s mindset a perfect one for idols!

 What a professional! 

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