4th Gen Idol Has Such A Tiny Waist, She Pins Her Jeans To Make Them Fit


There’s no denying that aespa‘s Karina makes everyone jealous with her insane body proportions and figure! In a new viral post, she’s described as having a body goals physique.

aespa’s Karina | ctto

Karina boasts long legs that are accentuated by a naturally small waist. This creates a perfect hourglass figure that allows her to pull off any style or concept.

| Top Star News aespa

From casual street style to flamboyant stage outfits, all of the looks drape perfectly on her slender yet curvy figure.

| Zoom

Specifically, her recent appearance at the KRUSH Pop-Up event left fans stunned as she wore a crop top and high-waisted jeans.

크러시 팝업 #카리나 pic.twitter.com/Kc54SD4pPi

— ︎ (@mooeoong) February 29, 2024

SOSOOOOO PRETTY i love her smile

KARINA AT KRUSH POPUP#KARINAXKRUSH#카리나 #크러시 pic.twitter.com/EJqIXezaLk

— ⋆ (@jinniesbluu) February 29, 2024

Her waist is so small that her pants have to be tightened at the top to fit her properly!

| @mooeoong/Twitter

Karina of aespa attends Krush pop-up event today.https://t.co/OdK01k5aQ8

— Viral Takes (@viraltakes) February 29, 2024

From head to toe, she’s perfect!

| kumi/Twitter Body goals! 

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