41-Year-Old Actress Shocks Fans In Stunning Photoshoot


Former announcer turned actress Oh Jeong Yeon uploaded stunning photos of her “Body Profile.”

Oh Jeong Yeon | Naver

On January 30, Oh Jeong Yeon uploaded several racy photos to her Instagram. In the photos, the actress shows off her incredibly toned body.

@Jungyeon.oh/Instagram @Jungyeon.oh/Instagram

The photos are even more unbelievable when you consider the fact that Oh Jeong Yeon is 41 years old.

@Jungyeon.oh/Instagram @Jungyeon.oh/Instagram

Fans flocked to her Instagram to congratulate the actress on her hard work and dedication to her health.

You are so cool and beautiful! You’re the best bike model. You are so cool. You’re so pretty. Here’s to your confidence in life, hwaiting! You’re pretty. Should be a crime to look this pretty. You’re so pretty in a cool way.

Meanwhile, Oh Jeong Yeon first started out as an announcer. She has since become a popular TV personality and actress, starring in K-Dramas, Mine and Strong Girl Nam Soon.

 Her beauty is timeless! 

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