3rd Generation Boy Group Member Caught Smoking — Fans Defend


Former KNK‘s Park Seoham was recently caught smoking. On January 27, 2024, photos of the star surfaced on X (formerly Twitter). He was seen with a cigarette in hand.

Park Seo Ham smoking. | @bboseongeeeee/X

He was dressed casually in shorts and a sweastshirt.

Park Seo Ham smoking. | @bboseongeeeee/X

Rather than criticizing him, fans defended him openly. After all, Park Seo Ham is already 30-years-old now!

서함오빠 서른이지만 열일곱인가요 ? https://t.co/Rc89OvXkHL pic.twitter.com/XmrkodNOMH

— fifty-seven cutyppaty (@lovemyselfovo) January 27, 2024

Is Seoham oppa 30 but 17 or something?

— lovemyselfovo

Not only that, many think of him as the icon of having bad luck with timing. After so many years of being a little-known idol, he finally hit it big with the drama Semantic Error in 2022. But his time to serve the military came. Unable to delay it any longer, he had to leave for the army, ruining his hard-earned streak of recognition and relevancy. Many had even eyed him as a rising actor then.

이 오빠는 좀 피게 냅둬라 https://t.co/M0UDq4TK2p

— 먐이 (@mull1630) January 27, 2024

Let this oppa smoke.

— mull1630

이ㅆ발 얘, 내가 박서함이어도 담패폇어 https://t.co/cfi6EJCxKA

— 팝녀 (@zmzwjds) January 27, 2024

Ah f*ck. Hey, if I were Park Seoham, I’d smoke too.

— zmzwjds

Park Seoham gained fame after moving on to become an actor after leaving KNK in 2021. He starred in BL Drama Semantic Error in 2022, shooting to fame immediately. His good looks won over the public. Check out more about him below.

This Damn Fine Idol Is Exceptionally Tall, and Looks Even Taller

 Fans think it makes him sexier. 

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