27-Year-Old South Korean Man Pretends To Be A Middle School Student To Sexually Assault A 12 Year Old


It was recently reported by MBC News that a 27-year-old man had been caught by the police after raping a 12-year-old girl. The girl had suddenly asked her parents for permission to go out to meet a friend. Thinking that they would just have lunch together, her mother allowed her to leave the house.

At first, the mother had asked her to invite the friend over instead. She was worried as her daughter referred to the friend as a “boyfriend.” Later on, she allowed her daughter to leave the house for lunch after feeling bad for her child. They asked her to get her boyfriend to pick her up, so they could get a glimpse of him. When her daughter did not return home at the promised time, she and her husband immediately took action. They located the child through a location tracking app that the family uses. She was at a nearby room cafe.

Room cafes in South Korea are cafes with small rooms for rent. They are usually charged by the hour, and come with drinks and snacks. The rooms usually have floor cushions or chairs and a TV. The culture is slowly being cracked down upon, as many minors have been found to use such facilities to engage in unsavoury activities due to the cheap price. They caught their daughter with her alleged boyfriend. At that time, it was already too late and they had already engaged in sexual intercourse.

The man waiting outside the girl’s house.

As the parents were tending to their daughter, the perpetrator escaped swiftly. Luck was not on his side as he dropped his identification card on the way out. The police caught him swiftly and took him in for questioning. According to the victim’s father, the man looked rather small, and passed himself off as a rising freshman in high school. He claimed to be a middle schooler waiting to attend high school. The victim is in her last year of elementary school.

They met on an open chatting application online, where he pretended to be younger than his actual age to approach her. He was born in 1998 in actuality. According to the police, he claimed that the sexual intercourse was mutually agreed upon. He will be charged anyway as the victim is a minor. It is said that the victim’s mother blames herself for letting her daughter go out.

 He has been caught by the police. 

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