16-Year-Old “Young And Rich” Singer Purchases 2 Billion Won Luxury Apartment


A “young and rich” singer has caught the attention of netizens because of his recent purchase of expensive property.

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On November 17, SBS Entertainment News reported that trot singer Jeong Dongwon, born in 2007, had purchased a complex worth approximately ₩2.00 billion KRW (about $1.55 million USD).

Singer Jeong Dongwon | @dongwon_15/Instagram

According to music industry insiders, Jeong Dongwon bought a Mecenapotlis complex located in the Hapjeong area of Seoul last summer.

Mecenatpolis | Mecenatpolis

Mecenatpolis is a high-rise apartment complex surrounded by the Mecenatopolis outdoor mall, a large grocery store, and more.

Mecenatpolis Mall | JERDE

That means that the 16-year-old singer now owns property worth about ₩2.00 billion KRW (about $1.55 million USD) only four years after his debut in 2019 and his appearance on TV Chosun‘s trot audition program Mr. Trot in 2020.

Jeong Dongwon on “Mr. Trot” | TV Chosun

In addition, Jeong Dongwon has now become neighbors with his fellow Mr. Trot colleague Im Young Woong, who placed first in the show. Last September, Im Young Woong made headlines for purchasing a penthouse on the top floor of Mecenatopolis, reportedly costing around ₩5.10 billion KRW (about $3.95 million USD). The two now own and live in the same apartment complex, alongside many other celebrities such as Jeong Hyeong Don and singer Haha.

Im Young Woong | @im_hero____/Instagram

Jeong Dongwon is considered a representative “young and rich” celebrity and is currently active in his music activities. Last September, he released a special album called Collection of Props Vol. 1 and is expanding his activities into acting. He recently appeared in the horror comedy film New Normal, which was released on November 8.

 He has celebrity neighbors. 

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